GR CH Saylor's Miss Gingerbread
 aka Chunky


Gingerbread's Stats
Height:  23 inches
Weight: 83lbs 
Date of Birth:  05/17/13
Color:  Red or mahogany brindle with white markings
Call Name:  Chunky
NCL:  Clear
Hips:  OFA Good 
     Titles/Certificates:  Grand Champion 
To view pedigree, please visit Pedigree Database!
Saylor's Miss Gingerbread.. we call her the chunky monkey or just Chunky for short.  She is a real go- getter and chip off the old Red Dog block.  She is a very nice example and combo of both her mother, Crackerjack aka Red Dog and father, Webb's Doc of Powerhouse aka Doughboy.  Chunky has matured into a 90lb rock.  She is extremely strong and agile.  She has lovely conformation with the physique of a little body builder.  She is one high drive girl, esp., with toys & tugs.  Chunky loves to show like her mother, Red Dog, and Grandfather, Doc.  She has a happy-go-lucky personality in the ring with a nice temperament.  She is a quick mover just like her mother.  We hope for good things in the future from our brindle baby.  She has had some memorable wins in both the NKC and UKC.  She recently earned her Grand Championship!!!

Latest Update:  In May of 2016, Chunky was number one in the U.S. with the UKC!!!  The stats are constantly changing and updating, but we are so thrilled she made it to #1, even if only for a time!!!  Her Mom, Saylor's Crackerjack Attack rang in at number five!  YAY!!!

Woo hoo!  We are so proud to share the wonderful news that our Chunky Monkey finished out in the UKC Top Ten for 2015!!  She made it up to the #3 American Bulldog and finished out at #4.  Way to go Chunky!!!

  Congrats to Mr. Fred Lanting and Chunky on finishing her Championship, as well as taking first place in  Group competiton at their most recent UKC show!!!

Show Update:  Congrats to Mr. Fred Lanting & Chunky for their most recent wins at the 2015 American Bulldog Cares Show and for earning her NKC Championship.  This makes Chunky a dual Grand Champion/Champion!!! 

Our beautiful Chunky Monkey!

Chunky's spoils from the American Bulldog Cares Show
2X 1st Place in Class, 2X Best Female, 2X Best In Show & 1X Champion Class Winner

Chunky sitting pretty at the American Bulldog Cares Show

Chunky & Tommy at an NKC National Show

Fred & Chunky in the ring

Chunky & Momma, Red Dog in the back of the truck

Chunky snow

Chunky run

Chunky ball

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