Harley was my soul dog.  He was a true once in a lifetime and one of the best dogs I've ever had the pleasure of owning.  We had him for 11 wonderful years, but lost him to cancer in 2004.  Harley like Doc was THE alpha dog. Harley commanded respect and ALL the dogs in our neighborhood knew and respected him.  Harley didn't usually go looking for trouble, but he certainly would not back down from it either. 

Harley was a wise guy.  He always looked before he crossed the road.  He was our weather forecaster to.  He would smell the electrical outlets hours before a storm, so we knew when severe weather was on it's way. 

He was very protective of me and was never far from my side.  He looked remarkedly a lot like Kay, Doc and Red Dog.  He loved dressing up, going to the poodle parlor for his baths and wearing bandanas.  I think he must have had a bandana for every occasion!   

I regreted that I never got a puppy off him.  We had to have him fixed due to a prostate problem. After we had him fixed, he gained up to 121lbs.  He normally weighed around 105lbs when he was young and in his prime. I still cry over his loss and guess I always will!  RIP my beloved soul dog.  My motto to you is... I BELIEVE! 

Harley's Stats
Height:  26.5 inches
Weight:  121lbs
Color:  Red fawn with white

In Loving Memory Of

This is Prissy, or Miss Priss for short.  Just look at that face!!!  She belongs to a very close and personal friend of mine, Sheila McLain.  Sheila loves dachshunds as much as I love American Bulldogs, and especially this little girl.  Prissy was an awesome dog, a true rare gem!!!  Prissy was to Sheila what Harley was to me.  Truely a once in a lifetime dog!!


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