If you would like to learn more about American Bulldogs or looking for site that contains a wealth of information about this wonderful breed, we recommend you visit

Congrats to our special friend, Angela Blocker of RoyalTee Poms.  Angela breeds and shows beautiful Pomeranians!  She was featured in the November 2005 edition of The Pom Reader Magazine.  Please click on if you would like to check out her website and awesome kennel!!!

Below are friends and people we know in the dog world.  Please check out their sites and dogs.

Gunslinger Kennels 
Owner:  Maggie & Richard Shook
Maggie and her husband, Richard own, show and work American Bulldogs and GSDs.  They work and train hard to ensure the quality of the dogs they put forth.  Please visit their website for American Bulldogs at

Bully To You
Owners:  Rick & Mandy Wesson
Rick and Mandy are from Nowata, OK.  They have several beautiful dogs on their yard, and are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on this breed.  They are concerned about the health and well being of the dogs they own and raise.  Their website is 

Elegant Kennels
Owner:  Renee Boyer
Renee breeds and shows some gorgeous APBT's, as well as Standard American Bulldogs.  Elegant's I'm a Bala was bred to our very own southern gentleman, Cotton's White Hunter.  All pups have been sold!!!  Please check out her site at  

Chattanooga Chew Chew American Bulldogs
Owner:  Jason Tucker
We met Jason and his son a few years ago at a Heart of Dixie Show and again at the Nationals in Ft. Payne.  We've been friends ever since.  Jason has some really nice Johnson dogs and has produced some fine litters.  It all started with my favorite dog, LuLu.  Check out his site at

Deep South American Bulldogs
Owner: Charles Carwile
We met Charles and his wife, Glenda several years ago at the Nationals in Ft. Payne.  We've been friends ever since.  Email Charles at or visit his website at   

 Rorex American Bulldogs
Owner:  Thomas Rorex
Check out Rorex's Chopper. Chopper is a 1st class working dog who has won so many competitions, Tommy should build him his own showcase!  Check out Chopper and the rest of the gang at   

Dog Powered Scooters
Owner:  Mark Schuette
If you're looking for an excellent means of exercise for your high-drive dog or just a fun activity for you and your best friend, you might want to consider a dog powered scooter.  Check these out at 

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