Red Diamond

CH Saylor's Red Diamond
aka Sweet Tea  


Height:  24 inches
Weight: 86
Color:  White
Call Name:  Sweet Tea
NCL:  Clear by parentage
Hips:  OFA Good
Titles/Certificates:  Champion
Sire/Dam:  GR CH Gunslinger's Big Jim  X  GR CH Saylor's Crackerjack Attack aka Red Dog

To view pedigree, please visit Pedigree Database!!

We were going to call her Pearl, but because of the red nose & eye pigment like her Grandma Goldi, we decided to name her Saylor's Red Diamond and call her Sweet Tea.  Being from Alabama, Red Diamond Tea made in Birmingham, AL is well known around these parts.  Sweet Tea is full of spunk and a major busybody!  Like her name, she has a sweet personality, but fires up in an instant.  Sweet Tea has grown into a good- looking girl.  She can sometimes be a little headstrong.  Sweet Tea has loads of energy and is constantly on the move!  The reason I don't have more pictures of her is because she won't be still long enough for me to get any real good ones!  

Congrats to our little Sweet Tea for recently earning her Championship!!!

 Newborn Miss Red Diamond aka Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea in stalk mode at 5 weeks old

Sweet Tea at 5 mo's old

Hopefully I can get some better pics one day!

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