Saylor's Tsunami of Gunslinger

Tsunami's Stats
Height:  22 inches
Weight:  78lbs
Color:  White & dark brindle
NCL:  Clear by parentage
Sire/Dam:  Gunslinger's Jake Chambers  X  Gunslinger's Lily Queen of the B's

Tsunami comes to us from Gunslinger Kennels in North Carolina.  She was the 2nd pick female after the owner's.  Tsu is a gorgeous girl with a fabulous temperament.  She is built like a little sherman tank.  She is thick, yet compact and has a wide chest.  Though not a big girl, she is super strong and definitely packs a punch.  She is our energizer bunny with crazy drive.  Never seems to slow down!  Tsu is curious and loves to explore new things.  She has never cared much for the show ring and has a few features that are not quite right for that, so we decided to let her be content with other activities.  She will zero in on anything that moves, like the working events.  Tsu shows a lot of interest in the tugs, toys, bite pillows etc.  She loves toys of all kinds and yes, she will hit a sleeve!  She brought home 3rd place in the Driviest Puppy contest a few years ago.  We are hoping for good things, and are thrilled to have her as part of our family.  We hope she makes waves in whatever she does, and look forward to an exciting future with her!

Sweet little Tsu

Fred Lanting & Tsu with Richard Shook & belly sister, CH Gunslinger's Lisey showing off their wins at the NKC Nationals and Alabama Classic Show  

Tsu's first reaction to the bite sleeve

Tsu with the prize.  Still had the new tags on it.

Snow Tsu

Tsu ball

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